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高二英语寒假作业 (Module 6 Unit 1)


1. There are v________ of fruits in the garden.

2. This kind of medicine can s_________ your heart.

3. Please read the _______(说明) on the bottle before you take the medicine.

4. We prefer those who have p_________ experience in the job.

5. ___________(最初), they refused to take extra work but after the manager’s explanation, they agreed.

6. There are 200 athletes _________(参加) in the game.

7. He had worked ________(一起) Frank and Mark and they had become friends.

8. He b_________ in on our conversation, which annoyed the speaker.

9. A good laugh can drive away n_______ feelings.

10. He t______ over the chair, amusing us a lot.


1. People study yoga for _________ reasons.variety

2. My home is not a place where bad _________ goes unpunished. (behave)

3. The opera was first _________in 2009. (performance)

4. To my _________, he couldn’t get the door open . (amuse)

5. We would like to see more _________by younger people. (participate)

6. He was still _________ (mourn) his brother’s death.

7. He rose from his chair, _________ (bow), and left the room.

8. Lucy came _________ (dash) down the stairs.

9. They _________ (tear) down these old houses to build a new office block.

10. They stood there, _________ (glare) at each other.


1. When he first got to the city, he was often _________for his strong accent.

A. made fun    B. played a joke C. made fun of    D. made jokes

2. ---Hey, look where you are going?    ---Oh, I’m terribly sorry. ____.

A. I’m not noticing   B. I wasn’t noticing C. I haven’t noticed   D. I don’t notice

3. Her daughter was determined to _________ and become a doctor.

  A. follow her routineB. follow the exampleC. follow in her footsteps  D. follow the lead

4. ---You were ______ to give us a hand.    ---Sorry. I _______ delayed by the traffic.

A. hoped; was    B. hoping; have beenC. supposed; was D. supposing; have been

5. Much new and high technology has been introduced from America, _____ great increase in production of the company.

  A. resulting in   B. resulted in     C. leads to      D. having led to

6. ---The sports meeting should ______ the national anthem (国歌), not a speech.  ---I am ______.

A. have started with; to blame         B. start with; to be blamed

C. have started from; to blame         D. start from; to be blamed

7. What he said could only make people ______ their heads ______.

A. laugh; away      B. laugh; off    C. smile; away     D. smile; on

8. I wouldn’t think it _______ to ask him to _______ the club, for he’ll only refuse.

   A. worthwhile; join B. worthwhile; join inC. worthy; join       D. worthy; join in

9. After playing the violin for ten years, Sophia ______ the piano.

A. went on learning  B. went on to learningC. moved on to learning D. move on to learn

10. Finding her car stolen, ______.

A. a policeman was asked to help     B. the area was searched thoroughly

C. it was looked for everywhere      D. she hurried to a policeman for help

11. By the time Jane gets home, her aunt _____ for London to attend a meeting.

   A. will leave   B. leaves    C. will have left      D. left

12. --- If the traffic hadn’t been so heavy, I could have been back by 6 o’clock.

   --- What a pity! Tina _____ here to see you.

A. is  B. was  C. would be  D. has been

13. We had three cases today ____ people returned our products, so we should take measures to improve the quality of our products.

   A. which     B. where    C. that     D. what

14. I like the job and I am determined to hold on to it whatever difficulties I might ___ in future.

   A. take on    B. come up with  C. stand up for    D. run into

15. The researcher finally reached ____ was once an industrial area where he would conduct a field survey.     A. that                                B. what                                              C. where                                 D. which

16. —Why does she have not much free time?

   —She _________ greater responsibilities as she is promoted.

  A. takes on        B. takes up      C. takes over      D. takes away         

17. He rubbed his eyes and yawned as if _______ after a long sleep.

   A. waking up     B. to wake up    C. woke up    D. wake up  

18. He was disappointed because he had not ________ well in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

   A. behavedB. performedC. polishedD. attained

19. We’ve decided to hold a football match next week. Will you ________?

   A. take part in     B. attend us        C. join     D. participate

20. How long can we ______ against these attacks?
A. hold back      B. hold to        C. hold up         D. hold out

IV根据本单元reading 课文在下面短文空格中填入所缺单词(每空一词)。

Stand-up is one of the most well-known and well-loved types of comedy, which is done on a stage by a comedian talking straight to audience members. In the 1._________, the comedian may make fun of an audience member or might decide to make jokes about humorous things he or she observes in 2. _________ life.

There are 3._________of different styles of stand-up comedy, some people tell jokes about people’s 4._________ or about daily life, and some rely on visual humor. Another kind of humor is absurd if you are only listening and not watching the comedian’s performance. Some comedians act or speak like a well-known person, which is called doing an 5._________ of the person. Although it may sound cruel, it usually only works if both the comedian and the audience have affection for or admire the person being 6._________. Billy Crystal, a world famous comedian who always performs his stand-up routine in front of millions of people, would put a toothbrush in his pocket for good luck. His 7._________ with all age groups and his ability to 8._________ people around the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone.

Doctors have been researching the 9._________ stand-up and other forms of comedy have on people, and have discovered that people who laugh a lot live longer. This agrees with the English saying “10._________ is the best medicine.”   

高二英语寒假作业 (Module 6 Unit 2)


1. Doctors and medical supplies were __________ (紧急送往) to the scene of the accident.

2. She speaks English so well that her friends are filled with a______________.

3. What I have achieved in the past few months i____________ me with confidence.

4. We should never play tricks on the people who are d_____________.

5. To my d_____________, my father didn’t buy me any present on my birthday for he had completely forgot it.

6. Her local doctor couldn’t tell what was wrong, so he sent her to see a s______________.

7. The driver of the car received serious i___________ to the legs and arms in the accident.

8. After ten years of hard work, he has a________________ a great deal in his work.

9. We should learn to stay o__________ no matter what difficulty we may have in our lives.

10. The earthquake happened last night destroyed everything in the village and left all the villagers h__________.


apart from  cheer … up in good spirits  devote … to  across the world  adapt to  focus on   in case

struggle against/with   mean  ahead of instead of   be tired of   adapt (sb.) to   devote oneself to

due tocost sb. sth   encourage sb. to do   as long as   be amazed by

1. I’m afraid he can’t ____________ the idea of having a woman as his boss.

2. He is so kind a person that he ___________ his life _______ helping blind people.

3. Their letters of support made me ________________ all day long.

4. The traditional culture & beautiful views of China have attracted people ___________.

5. Sometimes failing to catch a valuable chance ________ losing it forever.

6. You should make a note of what the teacher said in class carefully ______ that you may forget them after class.

7. It’s very important to have such a friend who will ______ you______ when you are in a bad mood.

8. We should show sympathy and donate something to those who ____________ poverty in those poor places.

9. Today we are going to ___________ the question of homeless people.

10. We should be concerned with those students who live __________ their parents.

11. I don't think we should ________ any more time ______ this question.

12. The time in London is five hours __________ the time in New York.

13. You can go out, __________ you promise to be back before 11 o'clock.

14. I __________ his calmness when he heard the terrible news.

15. You should _______ her in her attempts _____ become a doctor, instead of being so negative about it.

16. When you go to a new country, you must ________ yourself ________ new manners and customs.

17. His success is entirely ________ his hard work.

18. I ______________ watching television; let's go for a walk.

19. The big mistake he made yesterday nearly _____________ him his job.

20. You should be working ___________ lying there in bed.


1. She has been practising _______ the same tune on the piano for nearly an hour.

A. play          B. playing     C. to play      D. be playing

2. With the development of economy, China can compete _____ other countries_____ trade.

A. against; in    B. with; for   C. against; for D. in; for

3. The illness kept her ___________ work for six weeks.

A. away from B. be away from C. to be away from D. being away from

4. The whole world __________ at the accident of 911 happened in America.

A. was astonished B. were astonished   C. was astonishing   D. were astonishing

5. In ancient ________, women stayed at home while men went out to labour for the family.

A. time      B. times      C. day           D. days

6. The boy's bad behaviour _______ his mother many sleepless nights.

A. cost      B. made      C. cause      D. bring

7. The news that he has won the first prize makes his parents _________ him.

A. proud of    B. proud in    C. be proud of  D. be proud in

8. One of my close friends made great progress in her studies so her teachers _____ her, and I _____ her.

A. were happy with; was happy with  B. were happy for; was happy for

C. were happy with; was happy for  D. were happy for; was happy with

9. Why is Tom silent? Why doesn't he ______ us _____ the conversation?

A. join in; for   B. join; for      C. join; in      D. attend; in

10. The terrible accident __________ his careless driving.

A. due to      B. result in      C. was due to   D. result from

11. Reading extensively can satisfy _______ desire for _______ knowledge.

A. the; 不填B. 不填; 不填C. a; the D. 不填; the  

12. You can’t imagine the effect _______ computer games _______ on the children.

   A. which, make  B. that, have     C. /, get    D. where, give

13. When the old man ______ to walk back to his house, the sun _____ itself behind the mountain.

A. started; had already hiddenB. had started; had already hidden

C. had started; was hiding    D. was starting; hid

14. Whom would you like to ______ the lights as soon as possible on the wall?

   A. have fixed     B. have fix     C. get fixed     D. get fix

15. Is this the bank _____ offered you a job _____ you stayed the first time you arrived?

— Yes, it is.

 A. the one; in which B. the one that; during which

C. where; that         D. which; where

16. I think we have met the word before

Yes. It is in the reading material _____ we _____ reading yesterday

A. that; didB. that; were C. when; were D. when; did

17. Speak less of your role in the game, and more of ______ your teammates have done.

I will.

A. whatB. whichC. whyD. that

18. Many attempts _______ to stop pollution ______ happily.

A. have made; from living B. have been made; to live

C. have tried; living D. have been tried; from living

19. _______, I think, and the problem can be solved.

A. If you double your effortsB. So long as you keep up your spirits

C. A bit more effortsD. Making great efforts

20. When you go to a foreign country, you must ____ yourself to new manners and customs.

 A. adoptB. add C. make D. adapt


   Since the beginning of the term, teachers in my school ______________ to the new teaching surroundings to __________ their teaching task. They __________ most of the time to their teaching and to the students as well. Mr Zhang is one of them. One day a student got seriously _______________ when playing football. The student _______________ hospital by Mr Zhang as quickly as possible. It ______________ Mr zhang the whole night to ___________ the student in the ward. He sat beside him the whole night _______ he was needed. How lucky we are to stay with so many _______________ teachers.